Europe Center - "a living heart for our work around the world" - Lama Ole Nydahl

For more than ten years we searched for a place where we could host our teachers, give a face to Diamond Way Buddhism and a home to our worldwide sangha, and hold large and small seminars and courses.

All our wishes came true in 2007 when we saw the breathtaking landscape and buildings of Gut Hochreute. We had found the Europe Center.

Now it’s time to finish what we started.

Where do we stand today?

What does it mean?  
OUR GOAL - the amount we need to collect in donations and pledges (promises of future donations)

DONATIONS + PLEDGES - donations that are already on one of our bank accounts worldwide + pledges (promises of donations) until 2013. This number includes the 2,000,000 EUR donation from the Diamond Way Foundation.

STILL NEEDED - money we still need to reach the goal of 9,500,000 EUR

TIME LEFT - until the end of the fundraising

Our goal € 9,500,000
Donations+Pledges3 802 350
Still needed5 697 650


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