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Latest News from Ukraine

September 28, 2011

At the beginning of September we were happy to host Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole in our wild and beautiful Minkovka Retreat Center. Surrounded by sunflowers and dharma friends we had a real Milarepa course – a lot of joy!

During the course we did a great presentation of the moreEC campaign:).  Russian friends also helped a lot at the stand and kindly shared moreEC materials with us for the stand translated into Russian (in the picture). Also Sasha Koibagarov joined us at the presentation to tell inspiring stories about the EC.

Thank you all for your support!  We had over 1,000 friends from different countries, inspiring videos, old stories and a clear view of the EC project plans. After the presentation, friends visited the stand to ask questions and add ideas for future events.

We’ll continue to pass on inspiration from country to country. It’s good to feel like a big family working together on this huge common project. We will do our best, and see you soon!

Ukrainian sangha

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moreEC kickoff in Italy

September 21, 2011

Dear friends,

Last weekend we had a very nice Italian Center meeting where we officially started our national campaign! The meeting was an excellent chance to update everybody on the latest news, have fun together, and collectively brainstorm about the next steps.

First results: 
- on Saturday we danced until 3.00 am
- on Sunday we started the meeting at 8.30 am sharp.
- on this basis, we decided to donate to the moreEC campaign all the surplus from this national center meeting and from the next Italian bus tour with Lama Ole in October (126 people will travel with the Lama!).
- before the December deadline, we will organize a big event in Milan to transform our samsaric addiction to good music into more funds and energy for our new shining Europe Center.

We will keep you updated :)

More… dolce vita!

Your Italian friends


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moreEC spreads across Russia

September 5, 2011

From our Russian friends…

Shortly after the EC Summer Course, we hosted Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole at our lovely Kaluga Retreat Center near Moscow.  It began with a Ngondro course with Russian travelling teachers, and continued with teachings from Rinpoche and Lama Ole along with initiations from Rinpoche.

The first moreEC stand in Russia was organized for this course. All the information from the stand at the Europe Center was translated into Russian and printed in just 10 days—many thanks to everyone who made this possible! On the last day of the course we even had moreEC t-shirts in Russian on the stand, inspiring even more friends to contribute to the campaign.

We managed to bring a lot of inspiration and useful information about the project directly from the EC to Russia to share with friends. Lama Ole and Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche are now giving a course in Siberia, where other friends are organizing a stand and spreading moreEC to Siberia and Far Eastern Russia.

Posted by Yana

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As we work with our Diamond Way sanghas to bring in support for moreEC, it’s useful to keep a fresh view for how broad our work for this project truly is.  “All the great monuments of history were built collectively,” Lama Ole reminded us at the campaign kickoff.  “We are here with a living transmission, and we know that we change through the things that we work with.  And here we have an opportunity to really be big.”

A brief overview of EC fundraising gives us a sense for what is possible together.  For the initial purchase of the land at €4.4 million in 2007, donations came in from over 4,000 people from some 40 countries with no single donation exceeding €70,000. Currently, the “I Grow EC!” membership program has over 1,300 members who fund operating costs and day-to-day repairs and development. Though large contributions are always welcome, our strength clearly lies in affordable contributions from many, so that what we build is not a museum or a private mansion, but a true home for all who come.

In this same collective style, the first million Euros we raised on the kickoff night came in over just one hour from around 600 people.  As we disperse from the Summer Course, this moreEC wave spreads strongly through the stops on Lama Ole’s travels.  Our retreat center in Mangutovo, Slovakia involved many in a moreEC auction, and the moreEC stand at the Kaluga retreat center outside Moscow signed up at least 40 more friends to donate over the next two and a half years.

Involving the whole Diamond Way sangha is a central focus of moreEC.  Beyond the Lama’s travels, the EC “keypeople” have already brought the campaign to their home countries.  North and South America, for example, have launched a moreEC Raffle which will be coordinated throughout the entire continent, engaging as much of our sangha as possible.

In a recent interview about the EC, Lama Ole reminded us—“If you do something together with many then all the good motivation, all the good wishes, everything that you have will be increased.”  Merely 3 weeks after the kickoff, we can already see the collective power of many idealists from many cultures—in this way, our deep roots at the EC will spread solidity in our work everywhere.

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