The annual Dutch autumn retreat from the 18th till 20th november began with a lecture about meditation by Michel van Dinteren. Between hours of delighting and enlightening meditation, the Dutch went back in time and lived the 60 and 70′s, playing some nostalgic rounds of Bingo.

After refreshing the Bingo procedure, people almost jumped on the bingo counter, hoping  to buy the bingo card that could lead them to a moment of fame: being the winner of one of the amazing prices like a more EC Banana, an umbrella, a light torch, toilet paper and many more. Guided by sounds and jingles from the seventies the bingo masters turned on the most serious Electric Bingo Machine which popped up the bingo balls with hopefully everybodies lucky numbers. The first one filling a horizontal or vertical line of numbers on their freshly bought bingo card was a winner! Of course, the numbers had to be carefully checked….. The desire to win, and the longing for those moments of fame turned on the tension in the audience. They were kept quiet and in harmony with typically old style Dutch party snacks that were common in the days before fusion world cooking entered the Dutch kitchens. One of our dakinis mixed and served the most fruity and fresh cocktails behind a midget bar all night long.

During an inspiring Skype meeting with the Bochum Sangha, who just played the more EC Soccer Games, we all got the opportunity to shout hello to each other and share the more ec spirit before our noble internet connection got lost. It seemed that even the technological opportunities went retro. Some people just got lost in the 60′s and 70′s retro style that night, they are still wearing their sticky fake mustaches and dance endlessly on the disco beats of the 70′s…. so beware when you come to Holland again!




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