Finally in Poland we have also started to talk widely about the moreEC project. On the 8th of October we had parties simultaneously in different centers. We used the newest technology, connecting with each other via computers including live video which you could see from over 20 centers at the same time! It was so great to party in local centers while seeing friends on the other side of the country. We had a lot of fun talking and performing in front of the cameras—we managed to talk about filling out the donation forms, the moreEC website  and the new project itself. We also watched together a 12 minute speech from Lama Ole from the moreEC kick-off evening of the EC Summer Course.

To show the internationality of the project we also connected with Caty and Roman at the Europe Center, friends in Oslo (Norway), Sheffield (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Dallas, Minneapolis and the Heartland Retreat Center (US). At the end as the cherry on a top, we managed to connect with Lama Ole who just finished his lecture in Riga (Lithuania). The Lama sent his thankfulness to all of the people involved in the moreEC project and encouraged us to continue our work to reach our great goal.

Some of the centers prepared dress-up parties with the main theme of “Hazards Night,” others had great dinners and joyful parties. Together we decided to give all of the collected money from the evening to the moreEC project—donating a few thousands Euros across Poland already and counting ;)

Enjoy the photos from the evening at Stupa House in Warsaw :)

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Evropské centrum - "živé srdce naší práce po celém světě" - Lama Ole Nydahl