Where do we stand today?

The current state of the moreEC fundraising.

What does it mean?
Our goal € 9,500,000
Donations + Pledges* 2000000
Still needed 0

We have already donors from countries.

*Donations + pledges details
  from DWB Foundation € 2,000,000
  FROM FRIENDS 2,000,000
Total 2 000 000

Donor statistics by country

For stats, click the graph >>

About the stats: only donors registered via the moreEC donation form (paper or online) are counted. Not included are friends sending money without registering and anonymous collective donations at fundraising events, from centers, etc. The extent of a country’s support and the work of many idealists cannot, of course, be reduced to a single number. Even so, these stats give an nice overview of how far-reaching this effort truly is. 

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