Americas Ngondro Night – Unite and Ignite moreEC

Nov 11 - 11, 2011 in Diamond Way centers in the Americas

Greetings friends,

Along with raffle ticket sales and auction contributions from centers, direct donations for moreEC have started to flow in more regularly just over the past week. In the Midwest, a few friends had backed a regional mini match grant, and nearly $7000 was raised from the basis of doing it together.

We’d like to invite the whole hemisphere to join that feeling of collective power with a simple program in our centers.

Ngondro Night
Unite and Ignite moreEC

Let’s use the auspicious date this Friday to gather our energy. Here’s the idea. Set a time when everyone can meet at the center, do a Ngondro session together, view the moreEC video, and inspire each other by donating one after the other. The goal will be to have broad participation and give a huge boost to our common effort.

Here is the aim:

111 people give $111
11 people give $1,111
1 person gives $11,111

Everyone signs up for monthly contributions of $11 or more.

Together we can help lay the foundation for Diamond Way in the future.

Venue: Diamond Way centers in the Americas

Organizer: DWB Midwest Sangha

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