Czech moreEC Football tournament

Oct 28 - 28, 2011 in Jilemnice, Czech Republic

The 1st football (soccer) tournament for moreEC

Attention all ballgame lovers!

The tournament will take place in Jilemnice in October 2011. Register your teams with Tomas via the contact email below.

Rules: teams can be male, female or mixed, 5 players + a goalkeeper, with their own jerseys. The field will be a half of the regular soccer field, a game will take 2×15 minutes. We are playing on a regular grass field, in case of unbearably bad weather in a hall (white-sole non-marking shoes needed).

Starting fee: 2000 CZK or more (no max. limit)

Refreshments will be organized at the venue. Accompanying program – bets, a tombola and cheerleaders!


Venue: Jilemnice, Czech Republic

Organizer: Jilemnice DWB center


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