Europe Cup – international football cup

Nov 18 - 20, 2011 in Zoca's indoor football pitch, Zillertalstraße 41, Bochum

more EuropeCup – FOOTBALL FOR THE EC

The sportive climax of the moreEC fundraising campaign will be the international football tournament in Bochum, located in the heart of Germany‘s most football-crazy region, the Ruhrgebiet.


Please register until November 17th, 2011


We will play in a hall on small fields, with teams of 6 players and an unlimited number of substitutes. Each match has a duration of 12 minutes. Depending on the number of registrations we will play a tournament of 16, 24 or 32 teams.

The first round will be played in groups of four teams, so that each team will play at least three matches. The following matches will be played in a K.O. mode. If a match is not decided after 12 minutes, there will be a penalty shoot-out.

A team should represent a city, a region or a country, not necessarily from Europe. At least one player has to be from the place the team wants to represent.


It would be wonderful if participating teams would donate money to the Europe Center (e.g. 1008 Euros). We will tell you the bank account soon. This money may be collected from as many fans as each team can provide. It entitles all members and fans of a team to participate in the tournament, in the international traveling teacher lecture and in the party.


  • Fri 8 PM: Lecture by a travelling teacher
  • Sat 10 AM – 6 PM: Football tournament
  • Sat 8 PM: Dinner & party
  • Sun 10 AM: Breakfast & bye-bye

Venue: Zoca's indoor football pitch, Zillertalstraße 41, Bochum

Organizer: Carsten & Anna


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  • Andreanna Staubly -
  • Monika Strehle -

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