Evening of games at Ulm

Jan 16 - 16, 2011 in Ulm Buddhist Center

Dearest friends from our neighbouring centers!

Here is an important announcement for your calendars. On Friday, December 16th, Ulm is going to celebrate “moreEC”!

Starting from 19 p.m. there is going to be delicious food, afterwards a short talk from Christian Ensel on the topic of “moreEC” and then the games are going to begin.

An exciting evening of games awaits you, which is going to be enrichened by your stakes (of money, fun and knowledge). Ulm is eagerly planning and looking forward very much to this joyful evening with you and for “moreEC”!

Yours sincerely,
the Ulm Sangha

Venue: Ulm Buddhist Center

Organizer: Ulm Buddhist Center


  • ulm@diamondway-center.org

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