Halloween party in Lahti Finland

Oct 29 - 30, 2011 in Päijänteenkatu 13 b 16 15140 Lahti Finland

Sangha in Lahti organises a Haloween monsterparty in our smallest Finnish center.

Prepare for beautifully tortilla-full event with a delicious babypukecake. We’ll look ugly as usual :) We expect vampires, zombies, a cat and one terrible cowboy. Afterwards we’ll enjoy also some discodance in the town.

This is the first Finnish moreEC event. It will continue…

Venue: Päijänteenkatu 13 b 16 15140 Lahti Finland

Organizer: DWB center Lahti, 15140 fin/lahti


  • Lahti@buddhalaisuus.fi

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