moreEC Czech Roadshow

Sep 01 - 10, 2011 in Czech Diamond Way centers

The main activity in the Czech moreEC campaign is to organize a moreEC evening or weekend in every of our meditation center or group (45 so far) between August till December. A team from different regions of our country travels to our centers together with one of four of our traveling teachers who joined campaign. The setting is more a nice evening and dinner with friends rather than a lecture. 

Structure of the evening

  • common the 16th Karmapa meditation
  • dinner together
  • moreEC presentation (visualization of future buildings) – we explain everything about EC and what the goal of the campaign is and why we need EC, because there are still many people who have never been there.

Pictures from these events can be found on our moreEC CZ facebook!/ and we also send short reports to our centers.

Venue: Czech Diamond Way centers

Organizer: Czech traveling teachers and EC keypeople


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  • Iveta (

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