moreEC day&night in Milan

Dec 10 - 11, 2011 in DWB Center Milan, Via Raffaello Sanzio 4, 20148, Milano


Saturday, 10th December, practitioners from all Italy will gather in the Italian capital of fashion in order to accumulate surplus and aesthetic impressions for the moreEC project.

There will be three chances to raise merits:

1) Meditation marathon
Starting from 11.00 a.m. the meditators will endure in a 12h meditation on the 16th Karmapa Guru Yoga.
Everyone is welcome to meditate and/or sponsor the preferred yogi (10 cent for each mala).

2) Microcredit BAR
During all the marathon day, the local sangha will provide the meditators with energetic and tasty food&drink specially designed to support a sharp and prolonged meditation attitute.

3) Clubbing night
At the end of the marathon a bus will drive the ones survived from the completion phase to a famous Milan club which will donate 10% of each entrance fee and drink to the moreEC campaign.

If you want to participate or to be a generous sponsor feel free to contact us.

See you in Milan!

Italian moreEC fun club

Venue: DWB Center Milan, Via Raffaello Sanzio 4, 20148, Milano

Organizer: DWB Center Milan


  • Enea +39 333 60 74 763
  • Sax +39 347 23 28 619

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