moreEC cakes & accommodation in Bern/Zürich

Nov 12 - 15, 2011 in Bern & Zürich, Switzerland

We will have a moreEC stand and plan to do several fundraising activities as well.

  • Swiss sangha will bake cakes and offer those to the visitors in little moreEC bags on the weekend course and lectures during Lama Ole’s weekend course taking place in Bern and Zurich  in November 2011.
  • moreEC Accommodation during the lecture in Zurich on Nov 15th:
    • everyone who likes to stay overnight in Zurich will be accommodated in one of our sangha friends homes for a donation for the moreEC – you determine the amount
    • for a place to sleep please contact maja via email: or ask directly at the Dharma Shop in Bern

Venue: Bern & Zürich, Switzerland

Organizer: Buddistische Zentren der Karma Kagyü Linie - Schweiz


  • Accommodation in Zurich: Maja (

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