MoreEC relay UK

Dec 01 - 31, 2011 in a UK centre near you!

Join the moreEC campaign at one of a series of events across the island!

UK wide events will be linked by passing a moreEC bag, filled with info about the Europe Centre and a few special surprises, between 12 centres and meditation groups across the UK. Each sangha will hold an event to promote and raise funds for the EC. The bag will be returned home to the EC in time for New Year, the first milestone in the moreEC fundraising campaign.

Participating Centres and groups include:

  • Cambridge 12 November
  • Oxford 23 November
  • Reading 27 November
  • London 2 December
  • Liverpool 3 December
  • Brighton 5 December
  • Exeter 8 December
  • Edinburgh 9-10 December
  • New Castle 11-12 December
  • St Albans 13-14 December
  • Manchester TBC
  • Bath TBC

Venue: a UK centre near you!

Organizer: UK DWB centres


  • for more information ask in your local UK Diamond Way Buddhist Centre.

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