moreEC tour in Italy

Oct 17 - 19, 2011 in Milan, Fabriano, Bergamo

During the upcoming visit of Lama Ole in Italy, an international group of about 130 students will travel across the country with two coaches.

During the tour, a moreEC stand will follow the Lama and his travelling crew up and down Italy contributing to spread the unstoppable “moreEC mindset” in South Europe.

The surplus of the tour (food, accommodation, transport, lottery and more…) will be happily donated to the moreEC campaign.

For the lucky ones, see you in Italy!

Italian moreEC fanclub!

PS is now speaking Italian too!

Venue: Milan, Fabriano, Bergamo

Organizer: Italian DiamondWay Buddhist Centers


  • Sax Cammarata,
  • Ana Torres,

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