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Hellooo world, hellooo Immenstadt, hellooo Europe Center…

Are you ready?  OK, one more time – ARE YOU READYYYY?!?!


…and the full hall cheered in accord.

This is how the long-awaited moreEC fundraising was finally launched on Sunday, 7 August. The campaign aims to bring together all our friends and centers around the world and collect financial resources needed for completing the vision born 13 years ago with a wish for a central international place uniting the whole Diamond Way Buddhism worldwide. Today’s Europe Center fulfills this vision already on many levels by hosting high Lamas of the Kagyu lineage and bringing easily thousands of people from 40+ countries together on one course, like this summer but its function is still limited and often improvised.

This will all change when we inaugurate the new facilities in 2013. With a large 570m2 gompa and enough space for guests, residents & families, we can look forward to mediation courses with our teachers during the whole year. And as Lama Ole said on this evening – from that moment on, everything will flow back from here again, empowering all our 600+ centers around the globe.

The whole evening was very relaxed and joyful. Rather than presentations and bullet-points, we had a moderator, a piano player and many guests on the stage – friends who are in involved in the Europe Center project since the very beginning, friends who moved in once we bought it, and of course Lama Ole who gave the most inspiring speech which opened everyone’s hearts.

It is now very clear what task we have ahead of us. So what do you think, do we have the power to do it? The friends present this evening went in unison – YES!

moreEC team

PS: Do you want to also join the adventure? Come on in…!


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Europe Center – levend hart voor ons wereldwijde werk - Lama Ole Nydahl

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