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November 18, 2011. Kategórie: bez kategórie

Three traveling teachers and several friends now have main topic of their lives (till the end of December) – moreEC evenings. The Czech approach to the moreEC campaign has been to organize a moreEC evening or weekend in every one of our centers or groups (we have 45 of them so far). We are doing it in an informal way, not by sending reports and forms, but by visiting friends, having a nice time together and sharing our experiences, information and friendship.  Here are some recent events…

Fireball Travel Tour

Over 30 friends from central Czech region organized a travel tour through all their centers–they called it “fireball.” We took busses and cars and visited all (seven) centers around Prague. In each city the meditation on the 16th Karmapa and ten minutes talk took part and after a short programme  followed. The programme was set up by each center, depending on time and appetite. We also had a moreEC Casino party, where we played roulette, poker etc. Simply said, we had dynamic and joyfull weekend in which the Sanghas strengthened our already great and smooth cooperation and friendship.

Jilemnice Football Cup

Another recent moreEC weekend was with Petra Jarosova and Veronika Cerna in Jilemnice—a little historical town close to Krkonose. Our friends organized it as a gathering of northern Czech centers and prepared an amazing event—The Jilemnice Football Cup.  Many people came from the whole area, as well as from Prague, Brno etc. We had 90 people under one roof.

On Friday morning, seven teams prepared to battle for a golden cup, and for the honor of being part part of the international Football Cup in Bochum in November. We even had dancing girls, grill, beer and many friends supporting the match. Every team payed a starting fee and thus we opened our informal moreEc fundraising.

Friends also made a betting shop. In the evening, the winners got their cup and a cake in the shape of a football pitch. The next days we continued with regular meditations and lectures and one evening we dedicated to moreEC presentation and fundraising.

Brno hairy leg show

The football event was continued in Brno, were our guys collected money to be able to play in Bochum. They prepared the whole amusing night opened by a male leg show (the rest of the bodies were hidden behind the curtain) and a jury was voting for most beautiful male legs. One of the jury members was Zsuzsa from Budapest who held the weekend there.

Then we had an auciton of their football dresses and one beautiful amber mala made in the Europe Center. All had a great fun, even our Hungarian guests.


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